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With 'The Mother'


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✓ Loaded with Healthy Prebiotics
✓ Made with our Hand Picked Apples
✓ Choose from 3 Exciting Flavours
✓ True Devonshire Classics


Apples, Cider Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Mixed Spice, Ground Ginger & Sultanas

Product Information

Ostlers ACV Chutneys are made using the 'Mother' which forms at the top of our tanks when turning cider into vinegar. This means that not only are they delicious, but they are also packed full of good living bacteria and active enzymes. They come in three exciting flavours; Ginger, Chilli and Mixed Fruit

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Chutney (With The Mother) is available in three flavours.

Product Weight & Dimensions

Quantity of units per individual order: 1 jar,   Packaged weight: 440g,   Packaged Dimensions: L 8.5cm W 8.5cm H 11cm


-Since 1989-

OSTLERS is an off-grid Orchard & Cider Mill, that has been in our family for three generations. Set in the lush North Devon countryside, we have been making our award-winning cider vinegar since 1989. Our Cider Vinegar is made from freshly crushed apples which have been allowed to mature. We pride ourselves on being the original British Cider Vinegar with "The Mother" to supply the health food market.  Our Apple Cider Vinegar has not been pasteurised or filtered.

Many peopl

e believe that an unpasteurised Cider Vinegar has health giving properties, pasteurised vinegar is typically clear, which means it has been boiled. These kinds of vinegar are easily available at the big supermarkets. We believe in supporting small independent businesses and this is how we have kept producing exceptionally high quality unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar since 1989 and the reason why you will never find Ostlers in the larger supermarkets.

A superior vinegar on its own, as it has a rich, smooth apple flavour, it can be used for all your cooking, pickling, dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces. It could also be used as a natural cleaner and disinfectant.

Winning Taste of the West's Best of Sauces and Accompaniments, Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar astounded judges and they said "The vinegar has an amazing colour to it and a fabulous aroma of apples. It has a clean taste and was almost drinkable on its own."


  1. Andrew Macfarlane

    Perfect. again a winner in my toasties!

  2. Unknown

    Cider Vinegar Chutney with Ginger

    Excellent – we thoroughly enjoyed it. Delivery speedy and efficient as usual.

  3. Zahoor Niazi

    Healthy Option

    Tastes good

  4. H.C. Parker


    Very good in many ways but not gingery enough for me. Nice with strong cheese.

  5. Cyndi

    The Best

    When I tasted Ostlers for the very first time, my mind was blown with the delight of my taste buds.
    Flavours combination were both delicate and delicious!
    Great with strong cheese and biscuits.

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