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With 'The Mother'


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✓ Loaded with Healthy Prebiotics
✓ Made from our Hand Picked Apples
✓ Unfiltered & Unpasteurised
✓ Raw, with the natural “MOTHER”


Apple Cider Vinegar


Total Sugars
Dietary Fibre
Salt (from Sodium)
Sodium by AA
Acetic Acid
72kJ / 17kcal

Product Information

Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is produced from a blend of our Ostlers Orchard Apples and carefully selected locally sourced apples from like-minded, Devonshire farmers. Our Cloudy ACV is made naturally and allowed to mature slowly, giving it a rich and smooth apple flavour.

A superior vinegar all on its own, it can also be used for all your pickling, dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces, and cooking needs. ACV is also commonly used as a natural cleaner and disinfectant.

Try our award-winning ACV today!

"The vinegar has an amazing colour to it and a fabulous aroma of apples. It has a clean taste and was almost drinkable on its own." – Astounded judges, ultimately winning Taste of the West's ‘Best of Sauces and Accompaniments’


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Product Weight & Dimensions

Quantity of bottles per individual order: 6 x 1 Litre plastic bottles,   Packaged weight: 7kg,   Packaged Dimensions: L 24cm W 16cm H 27.5cm


-Since 1989-

OSTLERS is an off-grid Orchard & Cider Mill, that has been in our family for three generations. Set in the lush North Devon countryside, we have been making our award-winning cider vinegar since 1989. Our Cider Vinegar is made from freshly crushed apples which have been allowed to mature. We pride ourselves on being the original British Cider Vinegar with "The Mother" to supply the health food market.  Our Apple Cider Vinegar has not been pasteurised or filtered.

Many peopl

e believe that an unpasteurised Cider Vinegar has health giving properties, pasteurised vinegar is typically clear, which means it has been boiled. These kinds of vinegar are easily available at the big supermarkets. We believe in supporting small independent businesses and this is how we have kept producing exceptionally high quality unpasteurised Apple Cider Vinegar since 1989 and the reason why you will never find Ostlers in the larger supermarkets.

A superior vinegar on its own, as it has a rich, smooth apple flavour, it can be used for all your cooking, pickling, dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces. It could also be used as a natural cleaner and disinfectant.

Winning Taste of the West's Best of Sauces and Accompaniments, Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar astounded judges and they said "The vinegar has an amazing colour to it and a fabulous aroma of apples. It has a clean taste and was almost drinkable on its own."

55 reviews for OSTLERS CLOUDY APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (6 x 1 Litre)

  1. Aj (verified owner)

    Great have been buying for over 7 years never have any reason to regret or doudt quality.

  2. Michael Barlow

    Excellent service from Ostlers. I suffer from Erosive Osteoarthritis and have been diagnosed with stage 3 in my hands, the consultant could offer nothing but painkillers, but using Ostlers cider vinegar has helped me live a fairly normal life, without the need for tablets. 1tablespoon in a small glass of water and honey twice a day , does the trick, an added bonus my blood pressure has also come down. I would recommend anyone to use this product and company.

  3. Unknown

    The Best Tasting Cider Vinegar

    I have just purchased my third box of 6 x 1 litre bottles of cider vinegar. My husband and I drink it everyday and are both convinced it helps with aching joints. It is the best tasting cider vinegar we have tried.

  4. Leslie Hayward


    I try and take this three times daily. Early days yet but really, aches and pains disappear and this is the best on the market.

  5. Cyril Knox

    Great Alternative

    After being treated by my doctor for gout, I looked for an alternative treatment and tried ACV. By chance, I found the Ostlers product 2 years ago, and have been drinking it daily ever since. I have not had gout since and believe this ACV has helped my all round health. Friends and family are now using it on my recommendation.

  6. Julia

    Excellent Product

    This is the third box of 6 we have ordered. Delivery is always very efficient. The cider vinegar is excellent and very palatable. My husband and I add a tablespoon each day to a glass of water. I would highly recommend this product and Ostlers Cider Mill.

  7. A. Brown

    Outstanding Flavour

    I can’t speak for the purported health benefits but the appearance and flavour (taken diluted in water and used in French dressing) are excellent. Fruity, appley.

  8. K. Hughes

    The Best!!

    can’t recommend it highly enough!!!
    For over a few years I’ve tried to get into this habit of drinking apple cider vinegar (knowing all the health benefits it has) and with no luck! Normal apple cider vinegar are (were) all too strong and just way too vinegary. I can count the different brands I’ve tried on 2 hands! Then I tried Ostlers vintage cider vinegar! It’s so much smoother and palatable! I don’t have to make myself have a drink, I rather enjoy it now and want to keep up with it!

    Thank you very much.

  9. Dawn

    Really Good Stuff

    An excellent ACV. Thank you Ostlers.

  10. John Livingstone

    5 Star Cloudy ACV

    You know where it is coming from, you hear all sorts of stories about things coming from abroad. Local is best! Delivery very good also. Excellent taste.

  11. Peter

    Cloudy Cider Vinegar

    Excellent communications and speedy delivery. Great tasting cider vinegar, even when diluted with just water.

  12. Unknown

    Seems to work for me

    Seems to help my arthritic shoulder pain. One dose a day first thing in the mornings before going to the gym.

  13. Debby

    Superb Product

    I love this cider vinegar and have used it for several years and am sure my general good health and lack of aches and pains can be attributed to my daily honey and vinegar habit! As always great service and speedy delivery.

  14. Sue

    Cloudy cider vinegar

    An excellent product. I take it everyday with honey and water, but it is so smooth I could take it neat. Thank you Ostlers.

  15. Peter

    Excellent product and service

    Excellent comms and speed service. Great tasting cider vinegar; nice to drink with just water added.

  16. Anne

    Cure for many ails

    Have tried several types of organic cider vinegar and find this paletable. After many years I have finally persuaded my husband to try it when suffering from a chesty cold, accompanied with lemon juice and honey with good effect. I myself have osteo-arthritis and asthma and generally find no need for analgesis when taking cider vinegar regularly.

  17. Luis

    Quality product and service as always

    Having read the reviews about the Ostlers ACV I am now on my second order, this time 6 litres. I am quietly confident that it is having beneficial effects on my health in the areas of reduced arthiritic pain, lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining normal blood pressure. The added pleasant surprise is that I have lost weight (about 3kg of weight) without trying too hard. So all the rave reviews about the benefits of ACV drink with raw honey appear to be genuine. I enjoy it as a refreshing drink anyway and it has become my regualr tipple! The quality of the product from Ostlers together with the delivery service is excellent as always.

  18. Luis

    Good Quality as Expected

    Efficient service, seamless from order to delivery. A good experience.
    Enjoying as a refreshing drink with raw honey as recommended by the many fans of Ostlers cider vinegar. Very encouraged that it appears to have reduced my arthritic pain and improved my general health.

  19. Sarah Cooper

    Excellent taste and quality

    I am delighted to recommend the purchase of Ostlers Apple Cider Vinegar. It has an excellent taste – the best that I have come across. The company’s delivery has always been exceptionally prompt and they have my 5 stars for customer service too.

  20. Chris

    Quality product

    Best cider vinegar I’ve found. Speedy delivery 10/10.

  21. DFF


    I use this lovely cider vinegar to make my chili jam (using my own chillies) and it’s great to use and of excellent quality; can’t beat it & won’t be using anything else. Icing on the cake. Is a fantastic service!

  22. Unknown

    Marvellous Product

    I drink this for arthritis relief after reading Sir Ranulph Feinnes took apple cider vinegar and it works for me. A consistent, good quality product with ‘mother’ at a competitive price. Highly recommended.

  23. Michael Millard

    Try the best

    If you tried the rest, now try the best.

  24. Andrew Atkins

    A Great Tasting Cider Vinegar with Mother, Amazing Stuff

    An excellent product and prompt delivery. Great tasting and have noticed benefits of settling stomach issue already. I’m looking forward to all of the other health benefits so many people have experienced. I have already placed my second order of ACV and will definitely return again. Highly recommend.

  25. Alan Duncan

    Best Service Ever

    I would not hesitate to order again, you’re dealing with sincere and very honest staff, first class.

  26. Peter Wells

    Easy to Drink ACV

    The best thing about this cloudy ACV is it also has the mother in it, which is good news because it makes it very easy to drink neat which I do every morning for my health.

  27. Ann Keegan

    Amazing Stuff

    I purchased this product as I heard about it on LBC radio station as someone said it was really good, so I have to try it to see what everyone was talking about.
    It’s stopped me from taking the meds that were making me tired, it has made my blood pressure lower and also helped my digestion.
    My daughter thinks it’s the best and it has helped her arthritis in many ways. Very easy to order & delivered on time. Recommended to all my friends.

  28. Madeline

    Fantastic Product

    I purchased this product while on holiday in Devon for my husband. Since taking it his blood pressure has lowered and has helped his knee problems.

  29. Miriam

    The Best Apple Cider Vinegar

    I’ve tried the rest and Ostlers is best!

  30. Paul

    Ostlers Value for Money

    First class service – easy to order and delivered on time. Best tasting product on the market.

  31. Mrs Irina Dunn

    Changed the way I feel

    Excellent! Feel better, lost some weight and recommended to all my friends.

  32. Brendan

    Many tried. This is the best.

    Your cider vinegar is the real deal!
    Great taste and, for me, a fantastic all round health tonic.
    I often take mine with cooled, tepid, boiled water but also use it to pep up tomato juice and to add to my veggie nutribullets.
    Great prompt delivery. Too few stockists in the south-east though, so had to order six litres online!

  33. Mr M W Millard

    The best out there

    I have tried a few apple cider vinegars over the years, but I have always come back to Ostlers because they are the best.

  34. John Liingstone

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Delivered very quickly, has a sweet taste, very nice and pleasant to drink.

  35. Unknown


    Been using a month and stepfather also using. Pleasant to taste. Great product highly recommend it. Am taking for arthritis as is stepfather.

  36. Janice Barfoot

    The best Cider Apple Vinegar there is

    I have taken cider vinegar for several years, it helps my asthma, digestion and most of all it keeps me more or less pain free from arthritis.
    Brilliant service every time I order.

  37. Unknown

    Lovely Stuff

    Have been using cider vinegar and honey for several years and this has stopped joint pain. Previously I used the clear stuff from the supermarket. I am now using the Ostlers cloudy cider vinegar. A little too early to be absolutely sure, but it seems to work better than that from the supermarket. However I can definitely say it tastes and smells wonderful. I will now only continue with this product.

  38. Diane

    The Best Cider Vinegar!

    Bought a pack of 6 litre bottles on the recommendation of a friend. It’s excellent and the flavour is superb, the best I have come across, and much more palatable than other cider vinegars I have tried. I take it daily – a tablespoon in water morning and evening – for health reasons (its definitely helping) and also give it to my elderly dog, to help ease his arthritis. I have noticed a distinct improvement in his mobility since switching from another brand of cider vinegar. Am very pleased to be able to support a local supplier but have also recommended to family and friends elsewhere.
    Very prompt delivery and secure packaging. Really impressed and won’t buy any other brand in future.

  39. Alexander Love

    Excellent Product

    Hope everyone experiences the benefits that I have since I started taking this product. Cannot give it a high enough rating. Tastes a bit strange until you get used to it and always remember to take a drink of water to clean all of the residue from your mouth or it can affect the enamel of your teeth.

  40. Helen Walsh

    Amazing Health Benefits

    Been drinking ACV everyday for 6 weeks now.
    I feel really healthy as I stopped my stomach medication and replaced it with Apple Cider Vinegar and honey. Second time I have ordered now. Good delivery service.

  41. Wm Jones

    Great Deal

    Only been using it for a short while but am very pleased with it and I also love the taste with just a little chilled water. Thanks.

  42. Larry

    Great for relieving aches & pains

    I started taking this cider vinegar 3 weeks ago on a daily basis. I started taking 2 tablespoons in a small glass of water 3 times a day. I am an active 70 year old man & have had a painful arthritic knee for several years and could only walk short distances, however after 3 weeks the pain is almost gone, I’m now walking several miles a day. I cannot praise this superb product enough.

  43. Jonathan

    Best Tasting Cider Vinegar

    This is the best tasting cider vinegar I have found. Really appley and mild, it makes a really refreshing drink when mixed with plently of water.

  44. Ann Keegan

    Best Stuff

    The vintage cloudy apple cider vinegar is the best, it says what it does.

  45. A BAL

    Great Stuff

    Very powerful apple cider vinegar. Should be drank by all, young and old. A vitamin tablet in my eyes, just 2/3 tablespoons in a litre or so of water and you cover all the bases.

  46. Unknown

    Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider with Mother

    I don’t know if it will help my gout, am only on the third day. It takes a while getting used to the taste but I will keep taking it and see if it helps.

  47. Annabel

    Very popular

    All 4 horses and 4 humans are now on this and although I don’t like the taste it seems that everyone else does.
    Too soon to know if it is doing good.

  48. Peter

    Wonder Product

    I have suffered from acid reflux for about 3 years and have tried prescription and over the counter medicines, these had some success. I have been taking Ostlers ACV, 2 desert spoons in water before meals and with 1/2 teaspoon of bicarb of soda at bedtime. The effect is very promising. A bonus is that my white hair has gone grey.

  49. Sharen

    Ostlers Cloudy Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother

    I have purchased this for my dad and he swears by it as it is used for all sorts of complaints.

  50. Unknown

    Healthy Drinking with Mother

    The taste took a little getting used to but now I look forward to taking it every morning with raw organic honey for my arthritis. I have done a fair bit of research on taste and prices and this one has come out on top for me as best value for money and my health! Delivery was fast & efficient and my instructions for it to be left with a neighbour if I was out was followed to the letter.

  51. Janice Barfoot

    Great Product

    I have used this product for my arthritis for a couple years now and I would never want to be without it. The quality is always very good, delivery excellent. Keep up the good work. Packing could be a little better, it was “soggy” when it arrived.

  52. Phippo

    Best there is

    I am, and always have been impressed with the quality Ostlers cider vinegar, it is excellent value for money matched by excellent delivery and customer service. Thank you for now sending the box wrapped in an outer of plastic as original deliveries always arrived “falling apart”. I made a cocktail along eith my favourite Cordial of Lemongrass and Ginger topped with sparkling water, and is the best non-alcoholic drink I’ve tasted. I have impressed my “drinking friends” with this alternative on many occassions.

  53. Unknown

    Useful Supplement

    Always securely packaged, not really sure about the benefits. I believe it is a long term fix, not a quick fix. Use elderflower cordial mixes to sweeten so it is palatable. Will continue using the vinegar.

  54. Tony M

    Thanks Mother

    We have been taking ACV with Mother for the past 6 weeks or more and have found that we are sleeping better. I have been suffering from stomach aches for over a year and so far this has eased since taking, also bowel movements are much more regular, still early days but showing good results.

  55. Andy

    Devon Elixer

    An excellent product of consistent quality and standard at an agreeable price.

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