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Devon flower honey


Devon flower honey is collected from the hedgerows and pasture fields of North Devon. Extracted and packed with care to ensure it retains its delicate flavour.

Devon Flower Honey clear is one of the most popular honeys. The bees make this during the summer months when they are gathering pollen from the hedgerows and white clover fields surrounding them.

With a mild but tasty flavour, it is perfect to go with everything, from a dollop on your porridge to adding sweetness to a marinade.

Quince Honey Farm,

Quince honey farm is the largest honey farm in Devon and was established in 1949. This family business was established by a WW2 Paratrooper veteran, George Wallace, who had only 2 beehives and a lot of ambition. This ambition paid off as by the 70s his sons Paddy and Jon joined the mission and the beehives quickly sored from 750 to 1500. Since then Quince honey farm has rose to popularity throughout the world!


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  1. Charlotte Hayes

    Good product , would recommend it to anyone looking for good quality honey

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